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Tracy's Story is Filled with a Contagious Hope!

I originally posted this on my blog for work, but I wanted to share it again here. I will always miss Tracy.


This is Tracy.

Tracy was a longtime WAY-FM volunteer during pledge drive, and she talked to hundreds of WAY-FM listeners from all over the United States who called in to make pledges, and she might have even spoken to you as you made your pledge.

The awesome thing about Tracy was the way she would light up and smile as she was able to pray with those who were on the phone with her. She loved hearing people's stories, and she loved being able to be a source of encouragement to those who were struggling to find hope! If anyone knew anything about Tracy, it was that she was overflowing with hope!

Tracy also had cancer, but she never let it steal her joy!

She never let it stop her from volunteering during pledge drive. On pledge drive mornings she would go to get her treatment (and she always brought her iPad along so she could be encouraged by WAY-FM,) and then make her way to the WAY-FM office to start helping out. We would have to wipe down and sanitize her area to make sure she wouldn't be exposed to any germs, and sometimes with a mask on her face, she would then tell a funny story, smile, and start taking calls.

No matter how she was feeling she was always up to volunteer for pledge drives, concerts, and for everything and anything. She even dropped off peanut butter and jelly during our annual PB&J drive even though she was supposed to be home resting. Tracy was all smiles all the time, and she was always laughing. She loved WAY-FM, she loved God, and she loved to give back!

Tracy always said WAY-FM had an amazing impact on her life, and Tracy had an amazing impact on WAY-FM. Sadly, Tracy passed away last September, and she is greatly missed. Her source of hope and encouragement are still contagious!

This is what Pledge Drive is all about! It's about being a source of hope and encouragement to those who are struggling to find God's light, whether that be through the right song at the right time, a concert, or taking your call and praying with you during pledge drive. Like Tracy, WAY-FM is here to shine a light of hope in this broken world.

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